Saturday, November 21, 2009

NEW MUSIC Robin Thicke " Ms Sexy"

Robin , Robin , Robin ( I can go on and on for hours ... ) but a song worths all the words so ...

"Ms Sexy" Play/Download

MUSIC PJ Morton " Viva La Vida"

PJ Morton and Coldplay Awwwww!!
PJ Morton did great on that one !!! He gave that soul touch to that song that already was great but now I don't think I can listen to the Coldplay version without thinking about PJ Morton.Enjoy !!

"Viva La Viva" Play/Download

NEW MUSIC + VIDEO Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull" Fresh out the oven " + "Louboutins"

You thought she was gone but Jennifer Lopez, LoLa, J-Lo no matter how you call her is still here!! From her upcoming album here is the video of her first single " Fresh ou the oven" feat Pitbull and another new single " Louboutins"

"Fresh out the Oven Video"

"Louboutins " Play/Download

NEW MUSIC The Noisettes feat Wale & Estelle " Don't upset the Rhythm Remix "

Because the first version was DOPE !! Because I totally heart The Noisettes !! Because I think I have a crush on Wale !!! Because Estelle Estelle !!!
For all these reasons this song totally made my day whan I received it 2 days ago!!! Enjoy

"Don't Upset The Rhythm Remix " Play/Download

NEW MUSIC Toni Braxton " Rewind" + "Woman"

Here are two new singles from Ms Braxton from her upcoming album. These songs sounds a little bit like old Toni to me and i'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed on this comeback ...*side-eye*

"Rewind" Play/Download

"Woman" Play/Download

VIDEO + MUSIC Beyoncé & Lady Gaga " Videophone" + "Telephone"

So I gotta say at first I wasn't really convinced that Bee and Gaga was such a good match and I was wrong I totally heart that version of "Videophone".I am not really a Lady Gaga fan but she did her thing on that song!! And the video is dope ( even if dancing with Beyoncé doesn't really make Lady Gaga looks good and gorgeous but who else except Shakira can do that ) !!


"Videophone" Download

"Telephone" Play/Download

VIDEO Janet Jackson " Make me"

SHE IS BACK!!!!! JANET IS BACK!!!! *groupie voice*
And she' HOT!!!! The video reminds me the the "Scream" video.What do you think ?

Friday, November 20, 2009

VIDEO Toni Braxton Feat Trey Songz " Yesterday "

Toni Braxton is back!! Guess who's happy about that ?! Of course me !!
She offers us a duet with Trey Songz for " Yesterday" the first single of her upcoming album " Pulse " due to be released in Febraury 2010.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Because "she's once, twice, three times a lady".....Alicia Keys

Because she's great, because I love her songs, her voice, her lyrics...I am so happy to see Alicia Keys back.So for all these reasons here are 3 posts about her.Ha!

1-New Music " Dreaming"

This song reminds me her first album/masterpiece somehow and I'm really glad she's back to that sound.


2-"Try sleeping with a Broken Heart" Video

I still don't know what to think of Alicia bringing puppies back with her touch but if she wants to it's okay cause I love that song so much that doesn't really matters to me.

3-"Empire State of Mind Part II" ( Live )

Hmmmmm with or without Jay Z Alicia is doing great as always and I gotta say this version turns me on too !!!

And a little gift just for you " Try Sleeping with a broken heart Live"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

VIDEO Raphael Saadiq "Staying in love"

I am "Staying in love" with Raphael Saadiq Period!!!! I just love everything he does ( sounds groupie right ??!! Oh who cares lol )

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leigh Jones got " Music in her Soul"

If you know what " blue-eyed soul" is Leigh Jones is proving you that she doesn't have to be " blue-eyed" to have music in your soul.Her enchanting debut album is inspired and one of the best i've listened to lately ....

When you listened to it you immediately find what Berry Gordy ( Motown ) found in her ! Her voice, her music make this album a great one. With songs like " Have it your way" , " Free fall " or my favorite " I'm leaving you" you just sit listen and enjoy the music of her soul...

"Same Game " Play/Download

"Have it your way" Play/Download

"I'm Leavin' you "Play/Download

Free Fall Video

Check out her Myspace or her Official Website

Saturday, November 7, 2009

VIDEO Russell Taylor " Press Pause "

This is the new video of Russell Taylor for his single " Press Pause " off its album "Confessional".
And well first thing I have to say I already knew it but Russell Taylor is HOT!!!! OMG!!!
Second thing I want to know where I can buy the " I heart RT" thong LOL ( for real !!! ).
Third thing I reallyyyyyyyy love this song.....Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

VIDEO Chrisette Michele feat Wale " Fragile Remix "

I looooove this song ( well I love any song by Chrisette Michele and Wale ) and Chrisette as always looks gorgeous on the video ( even if she's making her hair done LOL ) Check it out !!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

CLASSIC Etta James " I'd rather go blind"

You gotta love Etta James.She's one of the reasons why I love so much Music.This is just AWESOME!!! You can't help but feel the soul...

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