Friday, October 30, 2009

VIDEO Jay Z feat Alicia Keys " Empire State of mind "

The New York anthem by Jay Z and Alicia Keys is finally here on video.And the video is dope but i'm a little disappointed I was waiting for Lil Mama at the end of the video to get out of nowhere and stand with them LOL

VIDEO + NEW MUSIC Alicia Keys " Doesn't mean anything" and " Try sleeping with a broken heart"

I'm impatientely waiting for "The element of freedom" and with her new single Alicia can be sure I'm buying it the first day of its release .But I expected more of the video but as my mom always says " You can't always have it all" ;) ( thanks mom ) But " Try to sleep with a broken heart " had me with the first words and I can't help but listen to it again and again.

"Try sleeping with a broken heart" Play/Download

Doesn't mean anything

VIDEO Raheem DeVaughn Feat Ludacris " Bulletproof"

Here's the video of the first single of Raheem DeVaughn upcoming album " Bulletproof" feat Ludacris.
I gotta say I love the video.Enjoy !!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Introducing Dionne Bromfield ..... Here comes the protégée

This is the debut album of Amy Winehouse's God daughter and this is a real promising one from what I've heard so far. I can't deny that the 13 year old girl has talent ( maybe more than some of today's so called artists ). I'm curious to hear what she will sound like in 10 years i know i'm being impatient and rushing things but I'm sure it can only be better and better but so far a 13 year old singing vintage soul music this way that's already quite impressive. One thing is sure I gotta have this album !!

Here's a link for a quick preview of her album

Mama Said Official Video and Live performance

Foolish Little girl

NEW MUSIC Joss Stone feat Nas " Governmentalist"

I always liked Joss Stone's voice. This is another song from her upcoming album " Colour me free" and it's featuring Nas. Now I'm getting more and more curious about this album and I can't wait to hear more.


NEW MUSIC Robin Thicke " Sex Therapy"

First I want to say that this is the kind of therapy that I want every day ;)
I'm so in love with that song. Robin Thicke just gave me the kind of song I love to listen.This is a great " Therapy"


LIVE VIDEO Alicia keys " Doesn't mean anything "

This is the first performance of the first single of Alicia's upcoming album " The element of freedom " on " " Live with Regis and Kelly ". And don't forget the album will be released on December 1st. Enjoy!

NEW MUSIC Michael Jackson " This is it"

This is the official song of the upcoming movie of the same name and it was recorded in 1991.


VIDEO + MUSIC John Mayer " Who says"

Here's the first single of the upcoming album of John Mayer. There's no need to say how great it is cause we don't need to say he's a great musician. His new album will be released on November 17th and I sure will be one of the first to buy it!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

NEW MUSIC PJ Morton feat. Tweet " Love you more"

With this one I'm loving more PJ Morton. This song from his upcoming album is really good and it feels good to hear Tweet again. I'm really waiting for this album and Im sure it will be great!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

R&B Wars:Bands strike back.. Boyz II Men, All 4 One, Jagged Edge...

Boyz II men

The group's new album "LOVE" is supposed to be released on November 10th. This album is all about covers ( of love songs if you didn't guess it ;) ) The first single " Open arms" ( yeah the one by Mariah Carey covered too ) is available on the net. When I listened to it I just realized how much they were great even if I never really forgot it. I can't wait for the album to be released and to fill my world with happiness.I'll be there " open arms " waiting for it !!

"Open Arms" Play/Download

All 4 One

No no you're not dreaming!! All 4 One the band that gave us the great " I swear " a decade ago. They're back with a brand new album that was released on September 15th. And you know what ?! they still got it. This record is filled with these dramatic ballads only great male groups can sing "If your heart not in it", "My child" and with that little touch of retro R&B like in " You don't know nothing". But they also can make it contemporary like with that auto-tuned ( yeah I know ) song " Go" or " Regrets".So far my favorite one is " When I needed an angel" .

For a little recap here's " I swear" back in 1994

The first single " My child "

"You don't know nothing" Play/Download

Jagged Edge

I was wondering a month ago what happened to them and then i got my answer...They're recording a new album that will be released in 2010. A single is now available on the net " Full time Lover" . So far I don't have many informations about it but I will keep you posted.

"Full time lover" Play/Download

THROWBACK OF THE WEEK En Vogue "Don't let go"

Sometimes old school songs just play in your head and you can't stop hearing them. This is what Throwback of the week is about ( sometimes I know it will be "of the day" cause I got a lot like this playing in my head everyday LOL ). This week it's En Vogue "Don't let go"

LIVE VIDEO OF THE DAY Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend, John Mayer 2007 Grammys

I woke up remembering this live from 2007 and how good it was. 3 artists, 3 different universes, 3 great songs.
Corinne Bailey Rae " Just like a star"
John Legend " Coming Home"
John Mayer "Gravity"

It's just beautiful

NEW MUSIC Mary J. Blige " Said and done"

This new single from Mary J. Blige is produced by Ryan Leslie. I love Mary J. and I really hope her new album will sound awesome. This year we've seen all our beloved divas releasing an album with well more or less commercial or artistic success *Ahem* so I really hope that Mary J.'s new album will be great!!


NEW MUSIC Toni Braxton "I hate Love"

I know I know Toni again but I love her and I think she's unfairly underrated. So here's a new song from her entitled " I hate Love'. Well she may hate love but I love her LOL ;)
And I just heard that she will collaborate with Trey Songz for the remix of " Yesterday" the first single of "Pulse", her upcoming album. Can't wait to hear it !!


NEW MUSIC Usher "Papers"

I'm so waiting for Usher's new album "Raymond Vs Raymond" since I didn't like that much the latest one. With " Confessions" Usher gave us a masterpiece ( I'm still listening to it today ) and I really hope this new album will be as good as "Confessions" was. Here's "Papers" the first single out if it. Enjoy !!!


NEW MUSIC Leona Lewis " Stoned hearts"

Here's the album cover of Leona Lewis upcoming album "Echo" and she looks hot on it. Also The new track out of it is called "Stoned hearts" and it's a lovely ballad.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

NEW MUSIC PJ Morton " Daughters/Stop this train "

PJ Morton covering John Mayer makes a girl happy!!!
His voice is just amazing and I just can't stop listening to it. Can't wait for " Walk Alone" out on February 9th 2010


NEW MUSIC Chris Brown feat Lil Wayne " I can transform ya"

So this is the first single from Chris Brown since the " Rihanna Gate ". I gotta admit that I like that song ( with Swizz beats producing what was I expecting ? ).


NEW MUSIC Toni Braxton " The break up"

With this one I'm getting really really excited about Toni's new album !!! This is the Toni I want to hear.That kind of song is just perfect for her voice!! Enjoy!!


NEW MUSIC Brandy feat Ne-yo " Good night Good morning"

I don't have many infos on Brandy's new album I just know that she has been working on a new album and so far I've only heard collaborations with Ne-Yo just like this single named " Good night Good morning"


But I was a little bit confused when I received a song called " Slow love" that she did that is exactly the same one that leaked from Beyoncé few months ago

Beyoncé's "Slow love" Play/Download

Brandy's "Slow love" Play/Download

LIVE VIDEO Joss Stone " Free me "

The singer's 4th album " Colour me free" will finally be out on October 20th. And the first single out of it is called " Free me "
I've always been a fan of Joss and I'm glad she's back!!

VIDEO Alejandro Sanz feat Alicia Keys " Looking for paradise"

"Looking for paradise" is the first song recorded by Alicia and Alejandro and it's the first single off Alejandro Sanz's new album . For the launch on his new album, there has been numerous internet promotions included a YouTube channel where his friends from Ricky Martin to Eva Longoria or Rafa Nadal, Juanes and Shakira posted their vision of Paradise ( here ).

Here's the video of "Looking for Paradise" and this song is already stuck in my head.I love it!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

DISCOVERY Inna Modja,the soul sensation from Africa

I just discovered this girl from Africa this week on TV with her first video " Mister H" ( watch below) and I was curious and wanted to know more.

Inna means " Bad girl" in a language from Mali,West Africa ( beautiful country by the way ). She started singing in a choir at age 6 and influenced by the music her father listened ( Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald...) she decided she wanted to be a singer.

Her universe is a mix of Blues, Pop, Soul, Folk, Disco and it's refreshing!! I like her voice, her style and great sensibility.Her song " Please Dad" is just beautiful!!Her first album will be released on October 5th digitally and in stores on October 19th. And I think she deserves a great success. She's as talented as others great voices from Africa such as Ayo or Nneka. She even had been compared to Amy Winehouse or Duffy in the belgian edition of the magazine Elle.

Mister H ( Official Video )

Tell me what Live

LIVE VIDEO When Raphael Saadiq sees it the acoustic way

As an ultimate Raphael Saadiq fan/addict/lover I was walking on cloud 9 when I found earlier this morning this acoustic session and I just had to share it.... cause well you got to share good things right?!

He's performing an acoustic session of 3 songs of his album " The way I see it" which are "Love that girl" , " 100 Yard dash" and " Sure hope you mean it".

This is all I needed today!!! and all you need too ......

VIDEO Ledisi " Going thru changes"

Ledisi's here with the music video of her song "Going Thru changes" I just love this song ( I know you get it I love ledisi lol ). By the way if you still don't have a copy of her album please make yourself a favor GET IT !!!!!

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