Tuesday, October 6, 2009

R&B Wars:Bands strike back.. Boyz II Men, All 4 One, Jagged Edge...

Boyz II men

The group's new album "LOVE" is supposed to be released on November 10th. This album is all about covers ( of love songs if you didn't guess it ;) ) The first single " Open arms" ( yeah the one by Mariah Carey covered too ) is available on the net. When I listened to it I just realized how much they were great even if I never really forgot it. I can't wait for the album to be released and to fill my world with happiness.I'll be there " open arms " waiting for it !!

"Open Arms" Play/Download

All 4 One

No no you're not dreaming!! All 4 One the band that gave us the great " I swear " a decade ago. They're back with a brand new album that was released on September 15th. And you know what ?! they still got it. This record is filled with these dramatic ballads only great male groups can sing "If your heart not in it", "My child" and with that little touch of retro R&B like in " You don't know nothing". But they also can make it contemporary like with that auto-tuned ( yeah I know ) song " Go" or " Regrets".So far my favorite one is " When I needed an angel" .

For a little recap here's " I swear" back in 1994

The first single " My child "

"You don't know nothing" Play/Download

Jagged Edge

I was wondering a month ago what happened to them and then i got my answer...They're recording a new album that will be released in 2010. A single is now available on the net " Full time Lover" . So far I don't have many informations about it but I will keep you posted.

"Full time lover" Play/Download

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