Sunday, September 27, 2009

VIDEO Melanie Fiona " It kills me "

New video by Melanie Fiona for her song "It kills me" from her album " The Bridge ". I love that song!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LIVE VIDEO Raphael Saadiq " Staying in love"

Here's the one and only Raphael Saadiq performing on the Today Show "Staying in love"

I love Raphael Saadiq...... :)

LIVE VIDEO Ledisi "Turn me loose" Wendy Williams show

So you already know that I love Ledisi. This is one of the reasons why ....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Playlist of the week FREE DOWNLOAD

I'm glad to share my playlist of the week on free download with you.I've been busy traveling lately ;) so I didn't really had time to make one regularly.

In this week's playlist:

1.Yesterday by Toni Braxton ( the new single off her upcoming album )
2.What I've been waiting for by Brian McKnight ( new single off his upcoming album )
3.Dealing by Eric Roberson feat. Lalah Hathaway ( from "Music Fan First " )
4.Let me love U by Russell Taylor ( from " Confessional")
5.In love with you by Erykah Badu ( From "Mama's gun" )
6.Your easy Lovin ain't pleasin nothin by Mayer hawthorne ( From " A strange Arrangement " )
7.Never wanna leave by Governor ( From "Son of Pain )
8.Milk and Honey by Goapele ( her new single )
9.Where did our love go by Stephanie McKay feat Anthony Hamilton ( From " Tell it like it is " )
10.I'm trying to prove my love to you by Calvin Richardson ( From " Facts of life:The soul of Bobby Womack " )
11.You gonna make me cry by Eli Paperboy Reed
12.Swan in the water by Justin Nozuka

Enjoy !!

NEW MUSIC Justin Nozuka "Swan in the water "

All my friends will tell you that not so long ago I was obsessed with Justin Nozuka's voice and I'm not ashamed of it :) so I was so happy when he offered as free download a new song.Here it is !!


NEW MUSIC Janet Jackson " Make me "

I'm such a janet Jackson fan and I was so happy to hear her new single after the performance she did at the VMAs.I love that song!!!Enjoy..


NEW MUSIC Alicia Keys " Doesn't mean anything"

This is it!! Alicia Keys is back with a brand new single " Doesn't mean anything".I don't have confirmed informations on her next album but i'll keep you posted meanwhile enjoy!!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

LIVE VIDEO Jay Z "Answer the call" concert @ Madison Square Garden

For those who missed Hova's charity concert. Here's the videos of the show featuring guests from the new ones like Kid Cudi, the legends such as Mary J Blige , the unexpected-but-oh-so-talented John Mayer ( my favorite part), the expected Rihanna, Kanye West or Pharell Williams to the oh-no-surprise-he-came Diddy...

Jay "came,saw and conquered"....

Jay-z, Santigold

Jay-z,Kid Cudi
Jay-z, Mary J Blige

Jay-z,John Mayer

Jay-Z,Rihanna,Kanye West

Jay-z,Pharell Williams

Jay-z,Diddy, Kanye West,Memphis Bleek

Friday, September 11, 2009

NEW MUSIC Toni Braxton "Yesterday"

This is the first single of her upcoming album "Pulse". I've always been a real fan of Toni Braxton and I'm glad to know that she's back.


VIDEO Keri Hilson " Slow Dance"

Keri Hilson's new video for her debut album " In a perfect world" is " Slow Dance" and featured guests such as Monica and ... Chris Brown. As usual Keri is gorgeous...

LIVE VIDEO Scarlett Johansson & Pete Horn " Relator "

Earlier I was reading a news about Scarlett Johansson releasing a new album and then I remembered that she already released one album with Tom Waits' covers.I was curious so i've been looking and I found her new single. I gotta say that we're not talking here of soul music ( obviously ) but I really enjoyed the song so I wanted to share it

Thursday, September 10, 2009

VIDEO Whitney Houston "I look to you"

Here's the first video of the diva comeback from her album "I look to you" for her single also entitled "I look to you"

Mayer Hawthorne....It feels like Motown

Here's the picture .... late 60's,Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson , Teddy Pendergrass, smooth voices, Motown sound...You got it ? Okay.Now 2009, Mayer Hawthorne," A strange arrangement", Motown sound revival ...

We already knew that Soul music was back ( in fact it was never gone ) with the O-mazing, excellent " The way I see it " by Raphael Saadiq or with Eli " Paperboy" Reed , Mayer Hawthorne is just making it more soulful.

This Michigan born soul singer's debut album is everything but strange. It got this vintage Motown soul vibe that you love to hear without doing too much of it. It's just perfect. 12 tracks and you just listen to the whole thing without skipping.
It's 2009 and the Motown sound is still alive...Berry Gordy must be proud of it !!

"One track mind"

LIVE VIDEO Maxwell " Bad habits "

To say that I love Maxwell will be beyond what I actually feel....There's no need to use words when his music speaks for itself

VIDEO N'Dambi "Can't Hardly wait"

This is the video of the first single from the upcoming album " Pink Elephant" by N'dambi. I think she's HOT ... I "can't hardly wait" for the album !!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

NEW MUSIC Jaguar Wright "Beautiful" and "Surely Shawty"

Jaguar Wright just released 2 new songs " Beautiful" and "Surely Shawty" that sounds great.

"Surely Shawty"

Rob Murat has "So much to say"...and I'm listening. Are you ?

Listening to Rob Murat is quite a pleasant experience. the New Yorker's first album " So much to say" featured collaborations with Amanda Diva, J.Ivy . His first single " Dilemma" ( and his first music video here is just like the album, i.e. very good.
Rob Murat's music is fresh and has this unique sound. So far I have many favorites songs on this album the addictive " Know" or " Ricky??" ( by the way " Ricky! Ricky! Ricky! Who the hell is Ricky ? " can't get that out of my head ;) ) or "Something magical".
Rob Murat is definitely one soul singer you need to listen to. To help you make up your mind here are some of my favorites

"Ricky??" Play/Download

"Know (live)" Play/Download

In the " Confessional" with Russell Taylor

I gotta confess that I didn't had the chance to listen to the philly native soul singer Russell Taylor debut album "Somewhere in between" and I feel now that I have to.

I gotta confess that "Let me love you" is definitely one of my favorite and I enjoy the fact that Russell Taylor is actually telling stories, good stories like with " Press Pause" .

I gotta confess that he manages to make that classical soul sound contemporary and his mid-tempo songs are quite lively but his ballads are the ones I love most... just the way I love them with sensitive lyrics and his smooth voice making the rest.

I gotta confess that Russell Taylor is an artist I just discovered and I just can't wait to hear more and more ..

"Let me love u" Play/Download
"Press Pause" Play/Download

Calvin Richardson covering Bobby Womack...Do I have to say more ?

I gotta say I always enjoyed Calvin Richardson's voice and his previous records were great but with that latest album that he self-wrote and produced is a must-have.He had me on the first song.

Calvin got the groove covering the Bobby's Womack classics such as "Across 110th street". And listening to that album actually makes you feel good. He succeeded to gave justice to the great Bobby Womack. Covering a song especially classics from a legend is hard and the challenge is to keep his own personality as an artist without " destroying" the original songs ( Whitney on that one I'm talking to you...still mad on the cover of " A song for you"). His version of " I'm through trying to prove my love to you" is simply gorgeous. Now I'm back to listening to it and please get this album you won't be disappointed...
Watch the videos

FREE DOWNLOAD N'Dambi "Can't hardly wait"

N'dambi is giving away on free download the first single of her forthcoming album " Pink Elephant" to be released on Oct. 6th untitled "Can't hardly wait".The album cover is fierce and the single is a good preview of what is coming.


Friday, September 4, 2009

So Whitney is back!!!! (But not the old Whitney …)

The world has been waiting for this comeback for so long (including me).We all have been missing our beloved diva and this year she's back with this brand new album "I look to you" with productions by Alicia Keys or Akon among others.

Unfortunately I still can't make up my mind on this record. Maybe my expectations were too big .Whitney still got her talent, she's still the legend but we're far from the Whitney we knew back in the days .Maybe I'm being too hard on her. She's been through a lot and she's still here. There are some songs that I enjoyed listening to but some are just beyond Whitney's level especially that attempt to cover the Donnie Hathaway classic "A song for you" that never should have been . "I didn't know my own strength" or "I look to you" are songs that reminds me of the old Whitney (especially the old Whitney's voice), those good old days when Whitney and amazing voice were synonymous. But well as I said I don't want to be too hard on her after all it's Whitney Houston we're talking about. Let's just hope that her voice will be back the more she performs meanwhile she's still gorgeous ( See the Ebony Cover )

Here are videos of her performance on GMA

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD Brittany Bosco "Spectrum 2.0"

Brittany Bosco's "Spectrum 2.0" in available for free download.It's a new version of her EP " Spectrum" and it also includes tracks from "City of Nowhere" and new tracks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD John Legend " Freak out"

Brand new John Legend a little different than what we're used to hear from him but I just can't resist his voice.


VIDEO Rob Murat feat Kidz in the Hall "Dilemma Rmx"

Here's the first official single and Video of Rob Murat from his record " So much to say " a very good album you have to get.( I'm pretty addicted to "Know " )

FREE DOWNLOAD Raheem DeVaughn feat Ludacris "Bulletproof"

Here's the first official single of the R&B Hippie Neo-Soul Rockstar a.k.a. Raheem DeVaughn upcoming album entitled "The Love and War Masterpiece"


Ledisi is really “turning me loose”…

First of all, I hope you already own your copy of Ledisi's Turn me Loose yeah I'm talking to YOU. Ok now I know that you do or about to (ahem!ahem!) *insistent glances* let me tell you that I am such a fan of Ledisi and ever more now. "Turn me loose" is her new album and just like the wine her albums are getting better and better with time. Ledisi's fourth studio album is sounding more modern than what she has done before. I've been introduced to Ledisi's amazing voice in 2002 with her album "Feeling orange but sometimes blue". I immediately fell in love with "Sugar/Brown Sugar" and "In a sentimental mood" and bought her first album "Soulsinger". In 2007 she released her Grammy nominated album "Lost & Found" that completed so gracefully my discography.

This new record sounds R&B, funky, hip-hop …in other words here we're talking about grown folks' music. This record is filled with her personality and so far after more than two weeks of intense daily listening I can't choose a favorite song ( and I tried very hard trust me *wink* ). From "Running" the opening song of the album to the energetic cover of Buddy Miles "Them changes" without forgetting the addictives "Alone" or "I need love" this album is just one of the best of this year.

Here are videos where she explains where she found inspiration for her new album and how she wanted to make it

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