Sunday, September 6, 2009

Calvin Richardson covering Bobby Womack...Do I have to say more ?

I gotta say I always enjoyed Calvin Richardson's voice and his previous records were great but with that latest album that he self-wrote and produced is a must-have.He had me on the first song.

Calvin got the groove covering the Bobby's Womack classics such as "Across 110th street". And listening to that album actually makes you feel good. He succeeded to gave justice to the great Bobby Womack. Covering a song especially classics from a legend is hard and the challenge is to keep his own personality as an artist without " destroying" the original songs ( Whitney on that one I'm talking to you...still mad on the cover of " A song for you"). His version of " I'm through trying to prove my love to you" is simply gorgeous. Now I'm back to listening to it and please get this album you won't be disappointed...
Watch the videos

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