Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ledisi is really “turning me loose”…

First of all, I hope you already own your copy of Ledisi's Turn me Loose yeah I'm talking to YOU. Ok now I know that you do or about to (ahem!ahem!) *insistent glances* let me tell you that I am such a fan of Ledisi and ever more now. "Turn me loose" is her new album and just like the wine her albums are getting better and better with time. Ledisi's fourth studio album is sounding more modern than what she has done before. I've been introduced to Ledisi's amazing voice in 2002 with her album "Feeling orange but sometimes blue". I immediately fell in love with "Sugar/Brown Sugar" and "In a sentimental mood" and bought her first album "Soulsinger". In 2007 she released her Grammy nominated album "Lost & Found" that completed so gracefully my discography.

This new record sounds R&B, funky, hip-hop …in other words here we're talking about grown folks' music. This record is filled with her personality and so far after more than two weeks of intense daily listening I can't choose a favorite song ( and I tried very hard trust me *wink* ). From "Running" the opening song of the album to the energetic cover of Buddy Miles "Them changes" without forgetting the addictives "Alone" or "I need love" this album is just one of the best of this year.

Here are videos where she explains where she found inspiration for her new album and how she wanted to make it

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