Sunday, September 6, 2009

In the " Confessional" with Russell Taylor

I gotta confess that I didn't had the chance to listen to the philly native soul singer Russell Taylor debut album "Somewhere in between" and I feel now that I have to.

I gotta confess that "Let me love you" is definitely one of my favorite and I enjoy the fact that Russell Taylor is actually telling stories, good stories like with " Press Pause" .

I gotta confess that he manages to make that classical soul sound contemporary and his mid-tempo songs are quite lively but his ballads are the ones I love most... just the way I love them with sensitive lyrics and his smooth voice making the rest.

I gotta confess that Russell Taylor is an artist I just discovered and I just can't wait to hear more and more ..

"Let me love u" Play/Download
"Press Pause" Play/Download

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