Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Retrospective The discoveries Part I

My musical trip this year has been rich in discoveries.Some of these artists deserve a better and wider media coverage and some already has it.



My favorite, I have nothing but L-O-V-E for him!!! This Californian folk/soul singer , “son of a preacher man” is my #1 discovery of 2009.I love his songs his lyrics and I really think he deserves a wider media coverage.His talent deserves to be known.His songs are refreshing .Sometimes I find myself singing the songs or humming them without noticing i'm doing it.It took me a while to figure out what was my favorite song and I still don’t have one favorite!!With his life philosophy comes great lyrics and with his voice comes great songs.His EP is available on Itunes and Amazon and you really should have it !!!!! ( I’m so happy I have a physical copy !!! lol ) Apart from being a great artist he’s also a so nice person. I got to admit that one of my fantasy is Jason Damato singing and playing guitar +beach+fire camp (lol a girl can dream!!).Watch the videos and you’ll understand why I love him so much !!!

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At this point of 2009 you should have heard about Noisettes.If not where have you been ??!!!!

The second album “ Wild Young Hearts” of this London band has been released on April 2009 and has been on heavy rotation so far .I totally heart the style of the singer Shingai Shoniwa.Her voice got me the first time I heard the band perform and since then I wonder why they get so much attention worldwide only now .

If you really haven’t heard of them check it out NOW!!

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l_3b68f1def620472d818a2a8d0266eeda I discovered Mateo a night I was bored and just watching videos on YouTube ( I know you’ve been there too!) and I fell in love with one song of his “ Ooh N love” and then I saw the “ Get to know me “ video and I listened to it all night long .I really like his voice and it’s so rare now to find somebody just singing R&B not R&B/dance/electro and it feels good .

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