Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Retrospective:The disappointments…

Writing this is totally heart-breaking , these are artists I truly love and admire.But seems like maybe my expectations were too high regarding their new albums.I’m not saying that these is bad bad bad albums (some songs are good) , I’m just saying that they disappointed me and we all know they can do better,because they already did !!!!



Oh Lord where do I start??!! When I was little Mariah Carey was one of my idol. There’s nobody that can sing like her.But it seems that even her can’t sing like her anymore!! I miss, deeply miss the Mariah we had in the 90’s. When every note that came out her mouth was like heaven sent.

This album is about love at its different stages, and includes many up-tempo songs but with this album you can’t tell that Mariah is been in the business for more than a decade.She tried to show that she’s still there and up-to-date but unfortunately good intentions wasn’t enough.And that “obsessed” song is not at Mariah’s level at all. When she came back with “ The emancipation of Mimi” I was like “she’s back !!” but now I don’t know what to think!! I think the name of the album really fits in this case….She’s an imperfect angel…But still an angel!

Songs I like: It’s a wrap,Angels cry,Up out my face

Angels cry

Up out my face



I gotta say with today’s standards in the Music Industry this album is good but it’s way below what she can do ( and we know that can do better!! ) . I miss the No more drama’ Mary J. Blige or the one who did “What’s the 411?” . I’ve been waiting almost all this year for this album and now I got that sour taste of ‘unfinished”. I like a few songs but still this is not what I expected from such an icon.And Mary J. using auto tune that was to much for me….She broke my heart with this one!!

But I can’t be too hard on her cause she managed to gave us some standout songs. When you got talent , you got talent. I love Mary’s voice in “ In the morning” and in” Colors” the song from “ I can do bad all by myself” . “ I feel good” and “ Each tear” are pretty good but one of my favorite is definitely “ Gonna make it” ( feat Jazmine Sullivan)

In the morning




I’m going to make this one quick!! I only like about 3, 4 songs in that album. Once again maybe my expectations were too high.I should stick to today’s standards . This is definitely not the “ Sex Therapy” I was waiting for .Looks like we’re or ( he’s) still looking for a great sequel to “ The evolution of Robin Thicke” but this is not it.

The appearance of Kid Cudi, Jazmine Sullivan or Snoop Dog are my favorite songs of this album so far.And as I said I’m going to make it a short one: There’s no prescription for this therapy!!! Robin we know you can’t do better that that!!

It's in the morning ( feat. Snoop Dog )

Million Dolla Baby ( Feat Jazmine Sullivan)

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