Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 Retrospective: The discoveries … Part II UK rules!!

Let’s continue our trip through my 2009 discoveries.This part II is all about UK :)



I discovered this English singer/songwriter with a video of her cover of Kings Of Leon “ Use somebody".

Her debut album “Turn It Up” was released in September this year featuring her first single “Mama Do” .

She already won MTV Europe Music Awards and I think we’re going to hear more about her…

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vv brown

About VV Brown I heard/read many things “retro-style”, “Retro R&B”, “Fifties doo-wop with modern pop and indie attitude”, “Eighties-flavored Pop” but all I know is that I really enjoy listening to her debut Album “Travelling like the light”.

She has a strong voice , not the Amy or the Duffy type but strong enough to please you and her style is very personal.If you don’t know her then do it now!!!!!

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Dionne Bromfield Dionne

So Cinderella had her fairy-godmother and Dionne has Amy Winehouse ( Who got the best godmother ?? ;) ). Well godmother or not, that 13 year old old is talented.And if she sings like that at the age of 13 I wonder what will she sounds like at the age of Amy.

Her debut album “Introducing Dionne Bromfield” ( first album of Amy Winehouse’s label ) sounds so Motown and her voice is GREAT!!!!

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