Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 with some albums…(sounds like a good year for Music)

This is ones of the albums for which I am so expecting 2010
First I have to mention two albums that are rumored to be released this year and THEY BETTER BE RELEASED!!!

D’ANGELO ( Rumored)

If I have to wait another 5 years to have a new album from Mr. “Brown Sugar” I will.But there are rumors about him recording a new album ( as always ) but this time it better be true !!!!!If Sade and Maxwell can come back he can too so that I can have back my Soul Trinity!!

AMY WINEHOUSE ( To be announced)


According to her label,she’ll be back this year with a third studio album following the masterpiece “ Back to Black” and I do hope that this one too is true !!

SADE-SOLDIER OF LOVE ( February 8th 2010 )

If I have to tell why I’m so waiting for this one, then well I don’t know what to say.

Video+download here

CORINNE BAILEY RAE-THE SEA (January 26th 2010)

the sea
Corinne Bailey Rae returns after the grieving of her husband .This album will be the follow-up of her first Album “Corinne Bailey Rae” which features songs like “Like a star” or “ Put Your Records On”.The first single is “ I’d do it all again”
Video here/Download here


5 Years after “Change it all” Goapele will release a new album untitled “Milk And Honey” which is due to be released during the spring 2010.She already released the first single “Milk And Honey”
Video here/Download here

TONI BRAXTON-PULSE ( February 2nd 2010)

Toni will finally be back with a brand new album in 2010.I hope that it will be better than the others veterans’ new albums.The first single is “Yesterday” but others songs have already leaked.
Songs and video here , here and here


Miss Badu will be back in 2010. And that is ALL I needed to know !! :)

MAXWELL-BlackSUMMER’s night (2010)

The sequel of AMAZING critically acclaimed BLACKsummer’s night will be released this year. When I listen to what’s already on the first one I can’t wait for what Maxwell has for us
“Pretty Wings” video here
“Bad Habits” video here

ALICE SMITH (early 2010)

I was obsessed with Alice Smith’s “Dream” when I first heard it from her debut album “For Lovers, Dreamers and Me'” [ video here ] and I was thrilled to hear that she was back in the studio for an album due in 2010.

N*E*R*D-Instant Gratification (Early 2010)

The biggest news here it’s the new member of the group, Rhea.So I'm very curious to hear what this album sounds like…And of course because I love Pharrell :)
Soldier ( Feat. Santigold) here

SANTIGOLD ( Rumored )

She has been working with Pharrell Williams for the follow-up of her album “Santogold”. And after legal battles about her name that she changed to Santigold, her second album should be out this year.

Jill Scott ( Rumored )

Looks like after 5 albums and giving birth to her first child, Ms Scott will be back this year with a brand new album and I just can’t wait to hear that!!


Outkast is generous with us in 2010.There won’t be one album but THREE.Big Boi and Andre 3000 have been working on their solo album but also plan to release the duo’s new album.Big Boi’s solo album “ Sir Luscious Left Foot!The son of Chico Dusty” will be released in February 2010.

USHER-RAYMOND Vs RAYMOND ( February 15th 2010)

Usher is back with a post-divorce album.So far so many songs have leaked that I don’t know if we didn’t already heard the whole album.We’ll see that very soon !!


Sans titre 2
We had “Best of Both Worlds” with Jay Z and R-Kelly , here come “Distant Relatives” with Nas and Damian Marley and I have to admit I’m more thrilled about this one!
Preview here

But also:
Jamie Foxx “ Body” March 2nd 2010
MGMT “Congratulations” Spring 2010
Jennifer Hudson ( To be announced)
Lupe Fiasco “Lasers” ( early 2010)
The Roots: “How I get over” ( 2010)
TLC (first studio album since 2002, and the first studio album following the death of founding member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes)

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