Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VIDEO 15 Darkchild Hits Mix

Because HE IS THE MAN behind the almost all the best R&B songs/hits I've heard. Because I can say he contributed to my love of music.I blamed on a previous post R&B for what it is now.I blamed the industry for making David Guetta the new Darkchild ( Don't get me wrong, he got talent but Darkchild made R&B what it is ) and when you'll watch this video you'll see why we are celebrating his 15th anniversary in the industry.

L'homme derrière les tubes R&B les plus repris de la planète célèbre ses 15 ans au sein de l'industrie musicale.En regardant la vidéo vous comprendrez pourquoi je m'insurgeais (oui je m'insurgeais) contre le fait que le R&B de nos jours soit ce qu'il est.

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