Monday, January 4, 2010

Three albums to get !!!!

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These three albums were supposed to be featured in my 2009 Retrospective in the 25 albums list but I thought it was better to talk about them in a separate post.
Anjulie, Canadian singer with Guyanese/Indian origin describes herself like a music addict .Her first album self titled “Anjulie” was released this summer and she was even part of the Raphael Saadiq tour this fall/winter. Her music is refreshing and I really enjoy her voice!!

Mpho was born in South Africa and then moved to UK at age 4. She signed a five album deal with EMI and “Pop Art” is the first one. I have to say that this album is GREAT and I’m so addicted to it. I can’t wait for the others.
Update:Mpho has unfortunately been dropped by EMI. Bad Idea ever!!!

They’re from New Zealand.Their name is Electric Wire Hustle.When you know that you can’t imagine their music to be as soulful as it is.They are the future of Soul.I never thought that the mix of electro, Soul & Pop will give something like that or it’s just due to their talent.

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